Emojis To Keep People Safe

Emojis are little graphics that can be included inside tweets and Facebook posts.  Normally there just a way of quickly saying something cute, but after a few requests it was shown to us that many see them as a way to quickly communicate important information.  So we enabled emoji posts on our warnings to quickly communicate what the warning is about.  

As of just a few minutes ago Thunderstorm Warning will now appear with the warning emoji and the thunderstorm emoji such as the tweet below.

Tornado warnings will have the same warning emoji, but it will be followed by a tornado emoji.  I’ll be sure to update this post when there is a tornado warning which looks like it will be likely happen later today.

If you just want Tornado Warnings we have enabled our tornado warning twitter feed as well.  Be safe!

UPDATE…. And for those that are wondering heres the Tornado Warning emoji alert.

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