Faster Than Anyone Else… Including The NWS

So as I start to bring new feeds online over the last few weeks I have noted that the WarningWeather service consistently posts various weather alerts on Social Media faster than any other source, including the National Weather Service.  I’m pretty proud of that.

Right now we post Mesoscale Discussions (statements issued by the Storm Prediction Center regarding watch potential or updating a watch) nearly 2 minutes before any other source, and even before they are on the National Weather Services website.

For example Mesoscale Discussion 438 was issued at 4:45 PM CDT… our service had it posted to twitter at 4:45 PM CDT just seconds after the Storm Prediction Center issued it.   The National Weather Service didn’t have it on its official feed until 2 minutes later.

With Severe Thunderstorm Warnings and Tornado Warnings we are consistently the fastest as well.  Lets look at this Tornado Warning for Saline County Kansas issued a short while ago.

Our server posted it at 6:09:21, seconds after it was issued.   Our tweet also provides a map of the warned area, and identifies the North Western part of Saline County as being warned. The Weather channel posted this 17 seconds after Warning Weather at 6:09:38, and included significantly less information.

Other lesser known services were slower as well… but the one that gets me is the National Weather Services own feed on twitter posted this at 6:09:41… a whole 20 seconds after WarningWeather.

I’m pretty proud that when seconds matter, our service is the fastest and will soon be available to the public for sharing critical weather information with their followers on Facebook and Twitter.  Thanks for the support!

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